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Parable of the Witches

Some Medieval townsfolk thought witches were poisoning their wells. Witches, of course, were people—often ugly—who were in league with Satan, could do magic, and had an affinity for broomsticks. These villagers wanted to catch the witches so they could punish … Continue reading

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Edible Art

Some people have misunderstood my What Are Birds Really? blog post. They have thought that because I wanted less analysis of the concept of art, that I was against creativity and exploration in art itself. But no, that’s not what … Continue reading

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But what are birds really?

I’m bored with artists thinking their main job is “exploring what art is.” This wouldn’t be acceptable in any other field. I don’t want my plumber “exploring the concept of what being a plumber is.” But what is plumbing really? Who are you to … Continue reading

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