On Cheating

There are hedonic utilitarians who think there is nothing morally wrong with an act if no one is hurt by it. If two such hedonic utilitarians were married, they couldn’t really object to each other cheating as long as thorough measures had been taken to prevent the cheated-on spouse from finding out. So, if one of these hedonic utilitarians *did* find out the other was cheating, their complaint would have to be something like “How dare you be so clumsy in your cheating” or “How dare you do an act that would hurt me with a low probability,” rather than “How dare you secretly cheat on me.” This is weird.

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One Response to On Cheating

  1. Mike Powers says:

    hehehe. That does sound rather amusing. They aren’t mad that you cheated, they’re mad that you did it so clumsily! Sort of a Shonda Rhimes plotline.


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