Moral Shoehorning

Unkind. Selfish. Wasteful. Inconsiderate. Negligent. Harmful. Ignorant. Untrue.

If you need to frame all of your moral critiques in terms of -ism words, you have a stunted moral vocabulary.

Pigeonholing all moral infractions into a handful of SJ jargon words makes discussions of how we should treat each other unsubtle and confuses people about why certain behaviors are actually bad.

I saw someone recently say, “Stop your shitty ableism” when the real issue was the offending person was deterring the spread of technology that would help people. This critique applies to technology that helps both disabled *and* abled people. In general, you shouldn’t deter technology that makes people’s lives better. Trying to shoehorn this as ableist just obscured why the behavior was bad.

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