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I hate when people say, “The problem with politics is there is too much talking and not enough action.” It’s too safe. It doesn’t commit the person to any particular course of action. Specific proposals might be controversial, but “doing … Continue reading

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A-typical Mind Fallacy

a-typical mind fallacy (noun) : thinking the minds of others are so inscrutable that we couldn’t possibly say anything about the beliefs or values of other people A: “I know bed nets save lives, but isn’t it arrogant for you to … Continue reading

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Weird Obesity Things

Weird obesity things: Animals like feral rodents and lab animals are fatter now than a few decades ago Something something gut bacteria Identical twin mice were given intestinal microbes collected from either obese women or thin women. The mice … Continue reading

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On Cheating

There are hedonic utilitarians who think there is nothing morally wrong with an act if no one is hurt by it. If two such hedonic utilitarians were married, they couldn’t really object to each other cheating as long as thorough … Continue reading

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Typical Gender Fallacy

The “typical mind fallacy” is when you incorrectly generalize from your own experience—it’s assuming people are more similar to you than they actually are. If I said, “I like the color green, therefore everyone likes the color green,” that would … Continue reading

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Conservation of Societal Virtue

 Conservation of Societal Virtue: Societies have only so many things they can *really* emphasize: inter-group tolerance, self-control, piety, valor etc. When you exaggerate your emphasis on one you lower your emphasis on another. If Conservation of Societal Virtue is real, … Continue reading

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Face Recognition

People should have to do a face recognition ability test before picking out suspects from a police lineup. The testimony of someone in the top 10% of face recognition abilities should have more weight than that of someone in the … Continue reading

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