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A “steelman” is an improved/smarter version of someone’s argument. A “steelalien” is a smart argument that’s nothing like what the other person was saying except that it uses similar words, and you can pretend that it’s what they were saying. … Continue reading

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Mockery II

I made a post about mockery a while ago. But I neglected one of the most important and beautiful aspects of mockery: Mockery, if done right, is a fantastic way to demonstrate your closeness. If you are afraid of teasing … Continue reading

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Here is a useful distinction: outside courage / inside courage Outside courage is facing the world. Inside courage is facing yourself. Outside courage is fighting a monster. Inside courage is admitting that you are the monster. Outside courage is publicly … Continue reading

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Intentions are magic. They are the difference between manslaughter and murder. The difference between clumsiness and assault. The difference between absent-mindedness and theft. Manslaughter is still bad! It’s just less bad than murder. Intentions aren’t the only thing that matter. But … Continue reading

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Proprioception While Dreaming

For years I’ve had a dream where, while running, I notice that my arms are totally not doing the regular running thing and are actually totally straight by my sides (or going across my body, or any number of odd … Continue reading

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I dislike when people say things like, “How dare he pan my movie. He could never make this movie himself.” Critics are not in the business of making the things they criticize. They perform completely separate jobs that need to … Continue reading

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Epistemology and Fighting

Before mixed martial arts, people were in the dark about which martial arts worked and which didn’t. How would a wing chun master do against a boxer? How would a karate black-belt fare against a wrestler? But since MMA, we’ve … Continue reading

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