Bitch Shaming

There is nothing morally bad about being a slut. There is something morally bad about being a creep. Hence, the analogy that some men make—creep shaming is like slut shaming—doesn’t work! Stop making it! The better analogy is that creep shaming is like bitch shaming. It is immoral to be a bitch i.e., it is immoral to be rude.

It’s immoral to be a bitch and it’s immoral to mislabel someone a bitch. It’s immoral to be a creep and it’s also immoral to mislabel someone a creep. Being anti-mislabeling is not synonymous with pro-creepiness or pro-bitchiness. If you are uncomfortable with people casually tossing around the word bitch, this does not entail you support rudeness. It just means you know that certain labels have real-world consequences and you don’t want to see people unnecessarily and unfairly hurt. As they say, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can leave deep psychological wounds that may never heal.

The risk of mislabeling is higher than most people realize. Men often describe women in positions of dominance as bitches regardless of their rudeness. Women often describe unattractive men as creeps regardless of whether or not they inappropriately crossed boundaries. What should we do about this? Well in your own life, take a step back and realize that you are fallible and you may mislabel sometimes. Just taking a second to ask yourself “Is this person actually acting unethically?” would do a world of good.

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One Response to Bitch Shaming

  1. lancesbush says:

    I’m not sure people view “creepy” people as necessarily behaving unethically. Can you say more on why you are moralizing creep behavior?


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